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Crown Lengthening

Dr. Carter performing crown lengthening procedure

Before placing a crown, your general dentist must first prepare your tooth. Sometimes there is not enough tooth structure above the gum line to accept a new crown. "Crown lengthening" provides more tooth structure for your crown. This ensures a more stable crown with less resulting gum irritation.

Procedure: Dr. Carter administers a local anesthetic and gently recontours excess gum and bone tissue to expose more of your natural tooth.


Functional Crown Lengthening
The cavity is below the gumline preventing the periodontist from being able to reach it.
Dr. Carter administers a local anesthetic, gently opens the area and lowers the bone.
This view shows the cavity.
The area is stitched back and the gums given a chance to heal. The gums will now be lower allowing access to the cavity.
The cavity is now accessible and the decay can be removed.
Then the cavity is filled.